• 15.08.1999

    10 years ago the big trip startet at 10:40 a.m.

    Our first flight was from Frankfurt to Chicago O’Hare and although I was terribly excited it was quite OK. I was a bit disappointed because the planes I knew from the movies looked so much bigger and I never heard any noise. But reality was obviously different ….

    At Chicago we had to change the plane – and had just 1,5 hours to do so. Well, we succeeded and were very proud of it :D
    After a short delay (problems with the plane’s engine, yeah!) we could finally fly to the city where our America trip should start: Miami.

    At about 7 p.m. we arrived at the airport – without any idea where we should spend the night. Yeah, we were very organized ;)
    But we found a place to sleep: The Tropics Hotel/Hostel at Miami Beach.

    So much for our first day, it was exciting, I had my first two flights and Miami was HOT! About 30°C in the evening ….

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