• 16.08.1999

    After our first night in Miami we had to see the famous beach. It really looked like in the movies, but the water was soooo warm! We hoped to get a bit of a cooling cause it was still very hot, but no. We felt like swimming in a big bath tub.

    In spite of suncream with a very high SPF I looked like a cancer after just about 20 minutes at the beach – welcome to Sunburn State!

    sunburn state

    welcome to sunburn state

    In the evening our skates had their first use. We were exploring a small part of Miami Beach on eight rolls – partly along the sandy beach, amazing! – and went back to bed after our three hour evening workout.

    As we forgot to make a reservation for that night at the Tropics we had to change our accomodation and slept at the Clay Hotel. It’s presumed that a part of Al Capones syndicate had been in that house in the 1920s.

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