• 17.08.1999

    I think you can imagine what can happen if two girls from the country explore their US American megacity.
    First of all we had to come to the 87th street. After a while we realized that it couldn’t be between the 7th and 8th street. Don’t ask me why we searched it there ….
    As it’s a long long way from the 8th to the 87th street we decided to take the bus, woohoo! Our first ride with the American public transportation went well and we jumped off the bus at the correct bus station. Such a lot of success made us suspicious. Rightly: We found the travel agency where we should receive our Greyhound bus ticket for the next 45 days, but the very friendly lady at the office told us that we will get it at the Greyhound station downtown.
    OK, next stop Miami downtown.

    Also our 2nd ride with the bus was fine and after some conversation problems we finally got our longinglskyy expected Greyhound tickets.

    We decided to take a short walk, but we weren’t much impressed by downtown Miami and so we took the next bus “home” to Miami Beach. As there was rainy season during our stay it rained when we arrived there and so we couldn’t go to the beach as planned. But there were many more opportunities to come – and the next day we would take our first Greyhound ride to Key West. So exciting! :)

    Good bye, Miami Beach!

    Good bye, Miami Beach!

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