• 19.08.2009

    The day of my first Donut. And it was damn good :D
    Since that day I’m a bit addicted ….
    And it should also become the day I tried alligator meat for the first time. Well, I’m not addicted to that …. The guy who gave us that piece of alligator Bifi (we where at a mall, I think it was called “Aquarium Mall”, but I’m not sure, and you could buy that kind of sausage there) admired my hair, yeah, but in the same breath he told Tanja that she should take care of me – what did he mean?!
    After that culinary excursion we continued our sightseeing tour and saw the Shipwreck Museum and the Little White House (very cute). Our next stop was the beach, where we spent nearly all the time collecting shells. I still have them in a box, looking at them from time to time and dreaming of Key West :)
    As the sun was about to go down we went to see the sunset celebration. If you want to get an impression of that crazy scenery just follow that Link. “The participants of this Key West attraction consist of arts and crafts exhibitors, street performers, food carts, psychics and of course the thousands of tourists from around the world who visit this Key West art show. Each night around two hours before sunset masses of people, both locals and tourists alike, flock to the water’s edge to experience a multicultural happening and to watch the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico.” OH YES! But unfortunately “our” sunset wasn’t as amazing as it used to be. Obviously is was the weather’s fault because a thunderstorm was approaching. We flew into the next Burger King and as it was raining less we went back to the hostel, showered, I put some after sun lotion on my (new) sunburn and changed clothes for the evening. On our first day we saw a pub named “Bogart’s” and as a big fan of Humphrey Bogart we had to go there – especially as we read that he has been there from time to time while he was shooting “Key Largo”. The pub was very nice, I enjoyed a sparkling water (I know it sounds boring, but I missed it soooo much!) and after that adventurous day I went back to the hostel, because my sunburn hurt enormously. On our way we met Courtney and her Mom and the girls decided to enjoy some more nightlife. So Courtney’s Mom and I went back to the hostel without them.
    …. and we bought Key West tank top and I still wear it sometimes – and right! – dreaming of Key West :)

    Sunset Celebration
    Sunset Celebration

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